Bl-412 Rydeen Sensor Kit

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Bl-412 Rydeen Sensor Kit Empty Bl-412 Rydeen Sensor Kit

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:53 pm

This system is designed as a car parking aid system for aftermarket use.
The Rydeen BL-412 backup sensor modules add safety and convenience to your vehicle. Connect the BL-412 to your in-dash monitor or Rydeen stand-alone monitors (BM350) and it automatically displays what's behind your vehicle when you put your car or truck in reverse, with distance OSD (On-Screen-Display) let you see the distance to the obstacles right on the screen. You can choose from any of the Rydeen professional grade cameras to use together with BL-412 and select the best line of sight for your vehicle.

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