TECH BULLETIN: Video 2 Input Control

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TECH BULLETIN: Video 2 Input Control Empty TECH BULLETIN: Video 2 Input Control

Post  Rob Haynes on Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:30 pm

All of our MV-Series Mirrors (MV311S, MV311T, MV411S, MV411T, MV431S and MV431T) have two video inputs, one on a trigger (for a back-up camera) and a second input that can be used for a front mounted camera or any other video source.

On all S-Series mirrors (MV311S, MV411S & MV431S) the second video source (when a source is plugged in) is turned on/off by pressing the "Power" button in the middle of the mirror assembly.  The power button is also used to adjust the contrast of the back-up camera image only when the vehicle is in reverse.

On all T-Series mirrors (MV311T, MV411T & MV431T) the second video source AUTOMATICALLY switches over when the source (camera, DVD player etc.) is powered on.  To shut this signal off a toggle/rocker switch needs to be installed to either power down the source or interrupt the video signal to the monitor.  The back-up camera (Video Source 1) will always override Video Source 2 when the vehicle is put in reverse.
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